The New Home of the St. Andrews Pagan Society!

Dunino Den's Entrance

It is the start of a brand new academic year, and a time of change for all of us at St. Andrews! I felt that this would be an opportune time to introduce a new look for the Pagan Society of St Andrews, and personally welcome any new followers to our community!

My name is Sabrina (yes, that is my real name!), and I am the new President of Pagan Soc this year. I am a Third year this year, and I’ve been a member of this Society since my first week in University. Pagan Soc has played an immense role in my life at St. Andrews, but whenever I mention the Society to others, I am met with surprise that such a group exists. My goal this year is to help Pagan Soc flourish in whatever way I can. I am truly blessed to be working alongside a fantastic new committee, and we are all very excited for the year ahead, as it promises to be big and full of lots of exciting events. Just a few things you can look forward to this year include:

  • A talk by John McIntyre, the president of Pagan Federation Scotland, on Paganism today
  • Crafts events and socials
  • Workshops on the beliefs of different Pagan paths
  • The Beltane Medieval Reenactment Fayre Maypole
  • Cake!
I am really hoping to integrate some of our events with other Societies around St. Andrews, as well as hopefully wok together with our local metaphysical bookstore, Psyche’s Garden, to bring you all a broader sense of what Paganism is all about. I want to be sure to make it known that all are welcome to our events– you don’t need to be Pagan to come! While some of our events are seasonal celebrations that honour our deities, we have tons of events that are fun for everyone, and pretty interesting, too!
I look forward to meeting you all at our first event, and joining my committee in welcoming you to a brand new year!
Bright Blessings,
Sabrina Russo,